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...Amalgama ain't got anything to do with Purple Corn... except that he's been Peruvian... or a mighty Inka once in a past life:) 

His career as Polo dates back to 1995 and ended in 2001 when he'd decided to make videos... under his own name (apm) supported by his own creation: de mala gana productions. 

He kept this pursue until January 2008, when he overdosed of mushrooms. What happened afterwards, you might wanna ask Hades... or maybe his sisters at the RLD. It may seem as if he's back in the game as the infamous legend he's been becoming lately throughout the streets of GD-city. 

Some say he's lost his mind to the muse that kills the poet. Others claim he's living in a chulpa as a Jedi... glad to be detracted from life, without any intention (to leave a mark behind) or purpose... 

If he ever truly were remembered by others, it'd be as a madman, instead of a helpless soul lost throughout the limits of space... when it kinda makes a little more sense... considering they truly were able to see into his riddled heart, or were endowed with a decent amount of comprehension. 

Few are able to recognize his face these days... some say he's Hispanic and 1.71 tall. Others might claim they'd seen him around the streets posing as Malena Belucci, dressed as a foot-loose hot mama. As for his soul, well there isn't much to say about it... except that it doesn't belong to either god or a devil. The possibility for a multinational patent's still pendind, for those that have cash.

If you ever were to meet him in person, don't be intimidated by his eleven smiles. He truly likes to tease others and play around the realm of convention, so it's all probably part of the act.

-Amalgama aka. Allan P. M. Málaga

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