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Amalgama & 'Rex Agapi Ditto' (February 15, 2018)

February the 14th wasn't a night like any other to little Lestat. He'd be working all day on a way to tell the world how far his mystic journey through the Red Light had been, only to find himself there again that evening. This time however, he was lacking words to greet his sisters; or eyes to describe them. It may perhaps sound insane, but it's the truth.

The slushy snow got him thinking about a special someone and regret his audacy to emit a few pretentious words, that would end up denying him the pleasure of her presence throughout the rest of his indefinate life. Feeling that delicate touch under his skin and being quite able to recognize her face in every single women, should've been enough reason to keep him from dancing on his own. He could've despaired by his solitude; and yet with every dual tear and careless sigh, he'd only manage to gain in faith and spiritual strength.

He passed by the bee-hive at around 2:30, asking himself why he'd had to erase her number from his cell-phone back then and carry on, as if a life devoid of her grace would actually be worth it. Little did she realize that hesitation had back then been the issue, though nowadays she'd surely notice how he could crow like a rooster and know exactly when to stay; while most likely, she's now thinking that he'd been ailing, or losing his mind to delirium, cause these days they'd say he could barely tell the difference between hell and heaven.

A small girl in black had been sitting by the bus-stop. She had probably expected a nice talk from Lestat, as usual; but after being ignored by the young senile vampire, she soon took off with bus-line 763 to Molenwijk, leaving him behind with a few details to ponder. He then couldn't help but blaming himself for a long scanted youth, often playing a dick to his beloved Mystique along the years.

It surely wasn't like he'd ever been cruel to her and failed to show some respect, or didn't have the decency to acknowledge the precious gift of her presence, whenever she'd had the guts to visit his dark realm and come by; but had he been instead quite the opportunist and given her a little more than 'vatos', perhaps she would've just been clever enough to see how important she'd been to him.

A few minutes had passed by, as a tall girl came to join Lestat at that desolated bus-stop. Surprisingly, she'd be wearing bright colors; with a yellow scarf around her head. He'd tell her that the bus 763 had just left, and even try to start a conversation; but she retalliated his kindness with indifferent reserve. Little later she split, as bus 759 to Ijburg arrived; leaving the loveless vampire all by himself.

For a second, he thought he'd been done with finding love in the iciest corners and even craved for the days, when weed and alcohol would be the substance of preference for subduing his loneliness. Nevertheless, he shook his head and with both a halo of contentedness and a pristine mind, smirked at the thought that art had been blessing him with wings and took bus 757 back home; not without ever reminding himself that despite the nightly cold, his blood was still running.

-Allan P. M. Málaga

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