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'La Incondicional' (2018)

Drawn at the Zeedijk on February 15, but unconcluded because a garbage-truck came to pick it up before the left arm's design was done. I really hoped to carry my red marker for the mouth-dot... pero la verdad es que tampoco iba preparado. The geisha was however "mi plato de fondo" aquel día, despite the lack of detail.

You might've been meeting billions of people along the decades; but there will always be a special someone among the others, you'd been hoping to meet again someday, against all odds. 

I've asked St. Francis why she didn't show up again on Valentine's day to oblige me; if she hadn't become a red sparrow that settled upon my tree, only to chirp my secrets back to heaven's portals - perhaps, a decent way to tell me I'd been wrong in not seeing through her.

She'd probably make up excuses to deny me access, to say I've gone mad and ignore all the talents I'd raised for her to horrow; and though I know there probably won't be any tomorrow for us both to rejoice and come together, it all has been most definately worth the inspiration and fond memories...

... if only, she'd remember.

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