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February 15 2018

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'Stolen Oranges' (February, 2018)  

Posca Pen on Cardboard  

93.5 x 92 cm.

Drawn on February the 4th 2018 and given a finishing touch ten days later on February the 14th.
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Making of 'Stolen Oranges' (February the 4th, 2018)  

This time I decided to give imagination the free-hand and let it do just whatever it desired. If I couldn't envision where this was all going, it was due to my whim and the influence that radio had on my thoughts.  

If I seemed a little distracted between min.11 and 12 it was because my thoughts had been diverted by the sun's reflection on the neighbor's swinging glass-door. 

There weren't any photographers in the room that afternoon, I believe.  

-Amalgama aka. Allan Málaga

February 12 2018

Amalgama's Cardboard-Art (January-February 2018)
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'Milojos' (2018)  

Sketched quickly on a pizza-box outside Café 'The Mill' at the Molensteeg on February the 8th.
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'Atrapada' (2018)  

Sketched at the Jodenbreestraat on February the10th, 2018.
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'Trapped & Strapped' (2018)  

Sketched at the Jodenbreestraat on February the 10th, 2018.
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Visiting the Nieuwmarkt last Saturday...
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... I came across this box and couldn't help myself!!
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'Tasting the Orange' (2018)

Sketched on February the 10th at the Nieuwmarkt.
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'Armadillo Amarillo' (February, 2018)
Posca Pen on Cardboard
56.5 x 83 cm.

Quickly sketched at home on February the 25th.
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Making of 'Armadillo Amarillo' (January 25th, 2018)

Last month I was inspired to turn on the radio, let it rip again and loosen up a little. The original video was amazingly removed because there had been at the end three seconds of Rihanna's 'Too Good'. The short dance-turn was evoked by 'Reggeaton Lento' and the remainders of my Hispanic roots.  

Should a draft-sketch be required when the talent bursts off your sleeve? 
Apologies for showing off my crack - I hadn't been paying any attention... 
200 Euro shirt btw... just kidding, it was 5 at the Waterloo!!

-Amalgama aka. Allan P. M. Málaga
Tews-Boxes (2010)

Designed at home in Nedersticht 40 for the Tews-sisters.
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I made these boxes for my sisters Isabell und Kerstin aus Küppenheim... back in 2010.
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Hind-sight had to fit the front!!
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... so did the names.
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... and they both loved the present.
Ancient History (mixed media, 2012)
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'Home Sweet Home' (2012)  

Perceiving the world from a different angle for the sake of wisdom.
Batavia-Sketch Amalgama & Kynz (February 11, 2018)
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'Lost City Rejects' by Kynz & Amalgama (2018)
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